The MiFILM 2021 Lab is a mentorship-based virtual lab designed to develop and accelerate the careers of underrepresented groups in film. Over the course of four weeks, five Directors will be paired with respective industry leaders and challenged with responding to briefs from our agency partners. 


Created to demystify the process of working in the commercial and advertising space, The Branded Lab seeks to ensure representation that reflects the overall population.  


With the help of our partnering agencies and companies behind some of the leading brand advertisements globally, the finalist will be briefed, develop treatments and learn how to use their unique voice to create standout branded content, allowing them to gain hands-on experience working with studios. The Lab will conclude with a final pitch where Directors will lead a presentation for a special panel of Industry representatives seeking to acquire new talent.

Applications for this lab will be available on November 16th, 2020 exclusively at our site.  

Submission Criteria


 All applicants must submit the following materials in order to be eligible for the Lab: 

  • A link to a reel, portfolio, or website 

  • Resume (pdf) 

  • A written Personal Statement describing your influences, artistic voice, or how your world has shaped your ambitions as a Director. (500 words or less) 

  • A short statement in response to our prompt. (300 words or less)

This Branded Lab is open to Black and Indigenous People of Color of all physical abilities currently residing in The United States, Canada, and Mexico. In order to be eligible to advance as a finalist, Directors must agree to attend all workshops, panels, and mentorship sessions scheduled throughout the month of February. Additional information on the program schedule will be provided to the finalists when notified.  

F. A. Q. 

Q: I do not have any professional or paid experience as a Director, but I do have paid experience as a Producer, Cinematographer, Assistant Director, Digital Creator, etc and I want to accumulate Director credits. Can I still apply?

A: Yes. We understand that many aspiring Directors moonlight as others above and below the line roles. As long as your submission demonstrates your creative and technical knowledge and awareness as a filmmaker, you are eligible to apply. 

Q: I am currently repped by an agency or studio, am I eligible?

A: Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this lab. However, you may meet the qualifications of being a judge during Round 1 of the submission phase. If you are interested in being inducted as a Peer Judge feel free to email us at minoritiesinfilm@gmail.com

Q: I am a midlevel professional however, I feel as if my career in the commercial space has plateaued. Can I apply for the Lab?

A. As long as you are a freelancer or independent contractor not currently repped by an agency you are eligible to apply. 

Q: What virtual platform will the Lab be hosted on?

A: Zoom.


Q: When will the Lab start?

A: The first day of the lab will be February 1st, 2021 and it will end on February 26th, 2021. 

Q: I am a person with a disability and I have questions about accommodations. 

A: Feel free to email us your questions to minoritiesinfilm@gmail.com with "Branded Lab Accessibility" as your subject title. 


Submissions are now closed.

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